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Welcome!  How can we be of service?

Established in 1980 Roy Electric Company, Inc. is locally owned and operated in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula in historical Sault Sainte Marie.  We have been serving our community for over three decades and remain committed to helping our customers by meeting today's electrical, mechanical and maintenance needs. Our goal is to provide a complete range of services through a one stop source.  We work closely with all team members to maximize efficiency and to minimize cost. 

We have provided superior customer service to the Government, State, Tribal and private sectors, ranging from industrial, commercial, and residential projects.  Roy Electric provides customers with trained, licensed, and knowledgeable staff to complete projects from start to finish and we are proud of our proven record of satisfaction! Roy Electric works with you every step of the way to achieve optimum results. We encourage you to visit our list of customers, contractors, and engineers we have worked with so you can see for yourself!  No two businesses are the same so our goal is to meet or exceed the customer's requirements.  Whether you are a new customer or returning customer (we have numerous returning customers), you have access to new options of high quality products, services, and solutions.   We believe by providing options, you will make the best decision for your business or home.

We are pleased to announce our newly added services of Facilities Maintenance and Management for Electrical and Utility Services to provide alternative solutions for Federal and State Agencies through the GSA Federal Supply Service! 


We are qualified.

You can trust us.  Roy Electric Company operates under a Licensed Master's Electrician who has been in the business for over 30 years and as owner and President, has a vested interest in your personal satisfaction.  The company is owned by two stockholders.  Jeffrey Roy, President and Kenneth Dale, Treasurer/Secretary.  Jeffrey Roy retains 51% control and Kenneth Dale retains 49% control.  Prior to purchasing the business approximately twelve years ago, the two stockholders were long-term employees.  As the Master Electrician who started under his father, Jeff holds the position as the President and handles day-to-day operations ranging from bidding and estimating projects, price negotiations, as well as works in the field as an electrician. Jeff owns 51% of the business and is Native American so the current ownership remains as a minority owned company. Ken, Project Superintendent, is an experienced licensed electrician who is responsible for job safety, maintaining high quality of work and ensuring that all projects are in compliance with State and Federal Codes.  To ensure these requirements are met, Ken works in the field and performs the responsibilities of Superintendent.  Not as owner, but very important to the business, Betty Daniels joined Roy Electric in 2011 to handle the administrative component of the company as the Office Manager.  She has diverse knowledge of business industry which she gained over the last 28 years and is responsible for keeping the office running smoothly as well as making sure all documents meet regulatory requirements.


Our Guarantee.

Customers Come First - Your TOTAL Satisfaction - High Quality Workmanship and Safety are a Priority from our Professional Staff  - Licensed Electricians - Accurate Records for Billing and Preventative Maintenance Logs - Blueprint Experienced - Bonded & Insured with A- Groups - Standard Written Commercial Warranty - Products purchased from Reputable Suppliers & Manufacturers


We are Connected.

Roy Electric Company is connected with the best!  We encourage you to review our services and jobs to see the numerous contracts, agencies, industrial businesses, and professionals we have worked with throughout our years of service.

We are connected to State, Federal, Government, and local agencies.   We have a GSA Schedule Contract and are SBA 8(a) Certified and MDOT DBE Certified.   We obtained these certifications and qualifications so we can be connected with the right agencies for you!


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